Educational Event

October 25, 2023
3:00 – 4:00 PM PST

Panel Discussion:
Successful Clinician Engagement in Philanthropy

Gain a unique perspective from renowned clinicians who are actively engaged in fundraising. Dr. Santosh Kesari (St. John’s Cancer Institute), Dr. Marwa Kilani (Providence Holy Cross Medical Center), and Dr. Nilesh Vora (MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute). Dive into their views on philanthropy, the foundation/development office relationship, and grateful patient efforts. Get answers to critical issues and discover how to improve the process for both physicians and patients.

Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Translational Neurosciences
St. John’s Cancer Institute

Director of Neuro-oncology
Pacific Neuroscience Institute

Marwa Kilani, MD

Medical Director, Palliative Care
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

Chair, Board of Governors
Providence Holy Cross Foundation

Nilesh L Vora, MD

Medical Director
MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute

Chair, Hematology and Oncology
MemorialCare Medical Foundation

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