We look forward to seeing you at the next Chats With SCAHD on September 9, 2021, for a presentation and guided discussion with Randall Hallett of Hallett Philanthropy.

Managing Up:
How to help yourself with either that “non” fundraising leader or your immediate supervisor in a fundraising shop to create a great working relationship

Have you ever wondered either of these two questions????

  • What might be possible if your organization’s leaders were more attuned to fundraising and its importance. This session will look at data that might help anything working with a “boss” who may not understand philanthropy in totality better understand what we do. 

  • Could you/should you better “align” yourself with your specific manager?  This session will help build out tactics on how to “manage up” to your supervisor to receive the support you deserve and create a better/more harmonious work environment.

Date: September 9, 2021

Time: 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Pacific)

Cost: Free